Inspiration of Open Kitchen Design for a Small Kitchen

With the high price of dwelling, people who buy a dwelling for the first time usually choose a quite small dwelling. With a limited area, this type of building usually has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a combined family room and living room, a front garden, a carport, and a kitchen that is fused with the rear garden. This concept of a kitchen that is fused with the rear garden is often called an open kitchen. An open kitchen usually doesn’t have a permanent roof. The material in this type of kitchen is quite limited as well, i.e. a kitchen set and a sink. Usually, housing developers will offer to the prospective buyers to cover the kitchen area with a roof. Unfortunately, the additional cost proposed by the developers to do this is not a little. However, if you are still not interested in undertaking this additional work for reasons of cost, there are several things that you can do to make the look of your open kitchen more beautiful and safe.

Add a canopy

As not to suffer from the heat or rain while cooking, then the best option as the replacement of roof tiles is by installing a canopy. For the material, you can use a polycarbonate which is a type of canopy that has a fairly good durability and also affordable.

Leave circulation space

With the condition of the kitchen that is fused with the rear garden, the good air circulation is needed. Avoid covering the entire area of the kitchen and garden with canopy. Leave at least a quarter of the area for air circulation. Thus, you can protect the kitchen area from heat and rain as well as provide good air circulation.

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Add security

With this semi-open kitchen concept, then security is needed. You can add security in your kitchen and garden by equipping the parapet behind your house with glass bottle fractions or by installing barbed wire so that your kitchen free from theft.

When creating an open kitchen, besides considering its look, the main thing that you should consider is its function. Make sure that your open kitchen functions properly so that you can do cooking activities comfortably.