Inspiring Modern Living Room Designs with Dramatic Feels

There are huge numbers of the modern living room designs in this modern area. You can find so much modern living room with sophisticated designs anywhere. The most sought of living room idea is a modern minimalist style with an elegant appearance that gives a futuristic impression. Therefore, we try to present three modern living space designs around the world which can make you envy. Enjoy it!

The first one we have an elongate living room with the combination of wooden coffee table and long leather sofa. Creamy rug looks comfy overlaid on the floor. Some cushions decorated well for the sofa. There is a side table that also serves as storage with unique form to be placed near a leather sofa. This living room has large screen at the front which can provide an entertaining stuff such as Television. The glass door panel provides the light and airy ambiance for the whole living room. A fireplace with the chimney invents the glamorous and modern feel for this area. Far ahead, we can see a different side of the room; they are the dining area and kitchen which well unified.

For those of you who lives in the highlands, this living room might can increase your inspiration. With some seating areas, it surely gives a different nuance for all visitors. There are three different seating in this living room. First, as the main living area, a cream sofa with throw pillows arranged well this side chair and narrow coffee table. The next one, the leather sofa set as the additional lounge space has a yellow flower to add sweetener. A nice chatting area presented by wicker furniture surrounded the wooden table placed near the front side of the room. Floor lamp and other decorative elements such as jar, and flower vase have their own roles. Attractive view can be seen perfectly with large windows which decorated with long curtains hung down to the floor.

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The presence of armed sofas with orange pillows creates a pleasurable eye-sight in this modern living room. A spacious room with glass walls covered by translucent curtains and high beam ceilings creates a luxurious atmosphere. Dramatic feel appears from the table lamps which have orange lights. Zebra motifs ottomans are suitable with the throws pillows on the chairs.