Large Mirror Create a Larger Look to Small Dining Room

Small space makes the homeowner feel confuse to décor the design. In fact, there are many designs that suit the small dining area. Without too much transformation, instead, of with simple and easy tricks the small area become an inviting area that everyone wants to come inside. Here are some designs of a small dining room that maybe can give you an idea to be applied at your home.

That dining room design on the image above look so elegant even has limited space. The key is hanging large window on the wall around the dining table and chair. You can find this trick at the restaurant or supermarket; they did it on purpose to illuminate the view of larger space. The large mirror reflects the light and creates a great shade in the dining area.

The sizes of the furniture also play an important role in dining look. The white and thin table and chair which is made of metal material leave more space to pull out the chair and give some space to walking around. Sometimes with the wide mirror around you do not need to install too bright lighting. This will make the dining area look so crowded and cramped. The main purpose creates a large space going to be failing.

The white chairs that look so well around the table lead to a simple and cozy atmosphere. This small dining area is not just a place to eat, but also a place to relax and refresh the mind and body. The elegant unique shape pendulum light gives more focus to see an object or the meal in front of the people while enjoying the meal.

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The whimsical artwork is just so noticeable. People have some activity or thing that he or she likes. Collecting some favorite stuff and display it at the dining room is a great idea. This will improve the dining look a lot and impress the guest. Next the whimsical artwork there is a glass accessory and a simple flower in the vase give a more special touch to the dining area. Don’t forget to cover up the window to protect the privacy.