Lovely Kitchen Design Ideas

Designing a kitchen can sometimes be difficult if you are not experienced in it. However, you can hire a professional to get some help and advice. You just need to explain what you want and the professional will realize it. But, if you want to design your kitchen yourself, here are some ideas of lovely kitchen design that you can follow and apply.

Classic white

 This classic white kitchen looks clean and neat. The installation of a window above the sink area lets the let in and makes the kitchen looks brighter. On the window, there is a grayish curtain with a floral pattern installed. White wallpaper with grayish abstract pattern is used to cover the entire walls. Three-story open shelving is installed on the wall for putting tableware. Brass is also used as the material of the small pendant light which is hung above the sink area and also for the knobs of the cabinets. The combination of gray and brass adds warmth to this classic kitchen.


 This kitchen is inspired by the ocean’s shimmery hues. Gray is used as the dominant color. It is used for the cabinetry, island counter, and backsplash. The backsplash looks very interesting because it uses a pattern that looks like seashell. The sink is built into the island counter and it is white colored. Besides for the sink, white is also used for the countertops. There are also two white chandeliers which are hung above the island counter. The chandeliers have a frame that looks like a bird cage. The frames are light brown colored and made of metal. These unique chandeliers are the focal point of this ocean-inspired kitchen.

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Cheerful pink

 This kitchen looks so lovely and feminine by the use of a pink refrigerator. In addition to the refrigerator, pink is also used for the curtains and an artwork which is hung on one side of the wall. Pink looks more stand out by the application of white walls, ceiling, cabinetry, island counter, and bar stools. Dark wood is chosen as the material of the floors. There is also a colorful carpet placed in front of the refrigerator. The kitchen looks more appealing by the installation of a red-white pendant with a unique design that is hung above the island area.