Magnificent On Floor Seating Living Room Concepts

If you are looking for some inspiration about different living room concept, you come to the right place. This time, we are going to see several on floor seating living room concept which have some stunning impression for all house lovers.

All is start from Japan. Yap, we often find that the Japanese living room concept has on floor seating. This living room has four backrest cushions with dark wood color with the neat arrangement. A lower rounded coffee table looks simple yet elegant; moreover, with its decorative tray. The translucent sliding door also becomes the characteristic of Japanese living room concept. A dramatic ambiance appears from the lantern floor placed below the great wall stone in this room. You can feel an intimate nuance from this living room concept, right?

The modern parlor concept black and cream colors dominated the whole living room. This space is divided into two parts. At the one side, there is a general sitting area with white sofa decorated by patterned pillows. A beautiful lower table placed in front of it with a comfortable area rug. Another side, we can see the lower cushions are place near the windows panels and come with typical lower tables as the place to have a more intimate conversation. Patterned curtains dangle at the window margins look enticing. a stripes jar, sconce, and plants give a nice look as the decorative items. Overall, this living room has a great concept as we see on each element.

A low seating living room concept with lower table comes with black, gray and white atmosphere. A pretty box lamp with yellow light provides warmth in this room. It is also supported by two lamps behind that come with the same light color. The seating sets with a modern design and has a beautiful shape gives comfort to everyone. Although it is not fully on floor seating, you can still take this low seating concept idea.

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The last one, we have a middle-eat living room concept that is really simple with some cushion mats arranged surround the rug. With the vibrant red color, it gives a strong Middle East feel. This place is intended to hold a more serious or intimate conversation.