Maximizing the Lighting in the Living Room with Five Ways

A nifty interior design surely cannot be separated from a good lighting factor. Providing proper lighting in your living room is crucial. A space with good lighting can give a pleasant atmosphere and seems not stuffy. Acceptance of sunlight during the day is an essential element in the room.

However, what if you have a living room that is impossible to get enough sunlight? You may intend to remodel the living room, but it does not always help. The following are some small things you can do in order to get an advantage regarding the living room lighting.

  1. Start with mirror placement. You can put a mirror near the wall or opposite with the windows. The mirror will reflect your window; this can make your living room as if it has many windows. When mirrors placed opposite, it would reflect the view and the lights that come from the window.
  2. Give a glossy element. You can paint or leave a shiny decoration board. It can reflect enough light around the room, so even if you have limited windows, your living space still seems float.
  3. Just let the light comes in. You must reduce the use of windows treatments that are too complicated. It would block the sunlight in the room. You can provide transparent white drapes on the windows. Thus, the incoming light will be brighter and softer.
  4. Make sure your ceiling color is lighter than the walls. If you have rather dark colored walls, leave your ceiling with a lighter color such as white or other bright colors. With the bright colors on the ceiling, as if there are falling lights from above. However, it would be better if the walls and ceiling have the same bright colors.
  5. Other than that, the main thing that certainly needs to do to maximize the light in the living room is to keep it clean. Be sure to clean the furniture, lamps, and also the window in your room. This can give a cleaner and tidy feel. Remember, a place that is full of dirty stuff can give a cramped impression.
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