Modern Living Room Designs That Adorned By Decorative Cupboards

When we talk about living room decorations especially in this modern era, it is obviously can be found variety of models or designs. Besides, there must be many of furniture that come based on its functionality. Modern living room designs usually have lots of picturesque furniture range from the seating or sofa sets, cupboards, tables and the other else. In this article, we want to give you dazzling modern living room designs with modern furniture and also adorned by decorative cupboards which can be used to store any essential stuff such as jars, glass, book or the other decorative items. Check them out below!

This living room appears modern with the use of cream leather chairs that arranged neatly with the table and creamy rug. You can see the anchor point of this living room is the cupboard which be used to put the television. It has a modern design in the same colors theme of the living room furniture. The lights that come with it seem dramatic and elegant. Aside from TV, the owner placed some glasses, bowls, jars, books and any interesting ornaments. This cupboard is perfect to be placed against the dark brown wall.

Wooden elements always bring the natural impression in the living room decoration. This family area has cozy furnishings with white pillowy sofa and combined with a simple wood table in the middle. For me, those interesting pendant lights above the table bring the nuance more dramatic. However, we have to appreciate the wooden decorative cabinet at the front. With large and attractive design, it can be used to store many items especially eating and drinking utensils. The shelves above the TV have their own role to put any d├ęcor.

White and brown are dominating the living room theme. Elegant and modern furnishings such as white cabinets, bookshelf and decorative cupboard full fill this room decoration. White couch and glass top coffee table enough to provide a comfortable seating for you. This living room also has a glass wall which invite brightness for the whole living room parts.

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This one looks more natural yet attractive with lots of furniture is placed into it. We can see decorative cupboard shelves and TV table as the entertainment furniture in this room. It separated in to several areas with the combination of wood, glasses, and upholstered furniture. This residence is very spacious and comfortable.