More Tips When You Want To Rejuvenate the Living Room Part 2

After we prepare for the living room renovations on the first article, now is time to continue the next tips about rejuvenate the living room to create the fresh ambiance in your living space. In this part, there will be six tips that you need to apply in your living room revamping project. Read this carefully to prevent any mistakes.

Design style and its functionality

At the first time you want to start renovation job, think about the display that you want to show in your living room. There are many factors your need to keep in mind such as the paint colors, tables, sofas, curtains, and some additional features. You can start to choose and collect several elements you love in your design. Make sure to get any items that can provide the proper usefulness.


This is the limitation of the living room decoration if you have smaller space; therefore, make sure you have the right measurements and specifications when you go to the furniture shop. You will get frustrated if you try to buy supplies without doing measurement first which can ended with unsuitable purchase.

Hire professional

Limited budget can make you think twice to hire professionals, but you have to think about the result too. If you want to make the best living space for you and family, this can be the smarter choice regarding its complexity and how hard this job is. You will get the profit by hiring the professional construction workers.

Walls and floor

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Ceramics, marbles, granit tiles, and bright color paint can increase the fresh look of your living room. However, your materials of walls and floor depend on the budget that you have. Choose the best materials to be used for your living room style and design. If you have limited budget, use wallpapers as the wall decoration and appealing carpet for the floor. This will save the money than repainting the walls.


Your living room should have has appropriate lighting to present the comfort for family. Try to maximize the natural lighting at first, and then think to purchase artificial lighting as needed


Simple things such as drapes, wall decoration items, vases on the table can create the certain drama in your living room. If you have more budgets, some new accessories will be better than nothing.