Nature influence Modern Japanese Bedroom Design Ideas

There is nothing sexier than a touch of nature, that’s the reason why nowadays people began to bring in nature touch into their house. One of the nature influence design is Japanese style architecture design. You can easily find nature element in Japanese style room. That’s what make Japanese bedroom is balanced, giving serene ambiance and providing calming atmosphere.

If you are into modern style, then this bedroom might amaze you. The modern architecture design blends well with the surrounding nature. Check it out.

Do you feel this bedroom design is amazing? The designer tries to blend and make use of surrounding environment, by using clear glass on it surrounding the designer can provide both of nature touch and beautiful scenery.  With this glass “wall” now the bedroom will feel more spacious and borderless. This is the perfect trick especially if you have a small and limited bedroom. It’s not just about make the room larger, by using this design the bedroom will have enough natural light. Without using more lamp you can get enough light during the day with using sunlight that traveling through the window. And the best par of this design, you can still enjoy the night. looking the stars that transparently visible after the glass.

to add both of modern and nature touch to this bedroom, the designer chooses to use Wooden treatment behind headboard this wooden treatment really gives nature touch inside the room, while you can also bring in some greenery or flower to strengthen the nature element in your bedroom. The charming flowers can liven up the moods of your bedroom, it would be a good idea to put it on the jar of glass full of water.

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To sum it all, just as what you find on any Japanese style bedroom. Simplicity. This modern bedroom also goes with this rule with go as simple as possible. Just bring in any item that the owner use, for this case, just place anything that you use to sleep. There is no room for any clutter in his kind of bedroom. Put away any work device or files, you are in need to sleep if you are in bedroom.