Open Shelves for Storing and Displaying Kitchen Equipment

It is undeniable that there is a lot of equipment needed for cooking, especially if cooking is your hobby. Not just the cooking, all activities carried out in the kitchen sometimes need a lot of stuff. Therefore, people tend to put a lot of cabinets or storage in the kitchen area. Besides the cabinet, there are other ways to put kitchen equipment in the kitchen that is by installing open shelves.

Open shelves look like boards arranged like a cabinet without a cover. These shelves are usually mounted on the upper side of the wall or are hung. You can put dishes or ingredients such as sugar and salt. In addition to its function, these shelves can also create a practical impression, especially for homes with limited space. Its presence will certainly be an attractive accent to be seen in the kitchen area.

Even so, because of the shape of the open shelves, you have to arrange it carefully so as not to look messy. Therefore, use the same material for stuff that will be displayed, such as glass jars. The same material will provide a tidy and well-organized impression, while the transparent display will look attractive with various contents inside. If there are several types of stuff or several colors, put them uniformly, according to the type and color. Besides that, separate all the displayed stuff according to the utility. This is to facilitate you when doing activities in the kitchen as well as to make the kitchen look neat and nice.

Something that is equally important to be considered is the cleanliness factor. Dust and dirt will be easier to stick to because the shelves are designed without a cover. Therefore, you should clean it periodically, at least every one to two days. For the shelves material, choose the one that is safe and sturdy. You can use the same material used for the kitchen set. You can also use food-grade stainless steel so that it is not harmful when exposed to food and drink. Stainless steel material is easy to clean and it can also provide a clean and luxurious impression to the kitchen.

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