Plush Modern Furniture Living Rooms That Draw Your Interest

Modern living designs tend to have a minimalist display with elegant furnishings and attractive decorative items. It also has a more flexible and adaptive to the owner’s characters. You may find some difficulties in designing a comfortable modern living room with adorable furniture which bring pleasant for all the family members. Therefore, we collected four pictures of modern living rooms with plush furniture that could draw your interest. Scroll your mouse down and get inspired by these.

The furniture set in this living room has interesting and sophisticated shapes and come with soft cream colors. They are obviously will make everyone sitting here feel comfortable. Take a look at the chairs and ottoman table at in the middle; they combined beautifully with purple area rug which brings graciousness in the room. Moreover, TV cabinet has modular form which suitable with the seating. There are some sculptures and artworks on the shelves, while the cupboard has glass display door which increase the living room display.

A cozy impression suddenly comes when the first time I saw this living room interior due to the use of wooden furniture on there. They have natural wood color and content of many drawers which could ease you to store many essential items. White, cream and light brown colors cover the whole living areas. Comfortable L-shaped sofa brings amenities for the owners and visitors along with bright sunlight that comes through glass walls.

This one looks very luxurious with the existence of black furniture of the sofa, ottoman table and floor lamp. Gray rug balances the seating area. As the living room anchor, we have to give a good appreciation for the TV cupboard which has a modern design with large enough closet and bookshelves. What do you think about the decoration stuff on the cupboard?

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There is no doubt that the most striking furniture in this space must be the cupboard at the front. It comes with sophisticated design and has two separated shelves. One of it is to set and arrange books; one of it is for the decorative items. This living space uses dark gray and white paint colors which is a nice combination. White couch, glass table and brown area rug adjusted properly. However, you cannot ignore the storage that decorated with table lamp and vases there.