Pretentious Industrial Living Room Designs Part 1

Today, industrial living room styles already become popular. An industrial interior design usually has a high ceiling design and brick walls. It also has a raw and urban style. By having this interior decoration, people not only can invent the coziness and comfy atmosphere in the living room but also be showing up again the past ambiance in their home. Well, let us take a look at some pretentious industrial living rooms here.

This industrial living room is called “Diva.” It has a fancy arrangement with picturesque furniture. It has a pinball machine which can serve an entertaining game for everybody here. The unique garage door has a glass window. There is a chalkboard on the seating area. A calm and silence atmosphere can provide comfort for householder and relations when meeting here.

A fancy living room design with an industrial style that looks comfortable for everyone. You can see the wooden materials on the floor and the walls combined properly with the sectional sofa and other furniture in this living room. The timber beams mix with the large ventilation pipes on the ceiling. White bookshelves create a nice look into the room. Small lighting at the corner of the room makes a certain drama there. This room is called “Erie Loft.”

An industrial living room decoration can also be called as an eclectic living style because sometimes it contained with some different items. Just like this living room which has a unique shade by the combinations of metals, unfinished ceiling, large vents and several furniture made of wood and leather sofa. Exposed bricks create a standout look in this living room decoration. However, a nifty atmosphere can give the sense of comfort.

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White sectional sofa with many cushions looks convenient here. A living room decoration with excellent ambiance blended well with a patterned area rug. A wooden rocking chair makes a pleased relax time. The most interesting thing in this industrial loft is the bronze copper pendant light which creates picturesque drama in the night. While for the day, the use of wide glass windows has key part to play.