Pretentious Industrial Living Room Designs Part 2

This article is the continuation of the first part that gave you some examples of pretentious living room design with industrial styles. An industrial living room does not only tend to use rustic furniture. The most important in this decoration is a concept that is arranged properly, such as the use of unfinished walls and ceiling. In addition, the combination of modern and eclectic furniture is also a good idea. This time, we will give you four more inspirational industrial living room designs.

This Italian loft is such a masculine living room with the dark brown color as the room domination. The central part in the living room should be the wallpaper there, it looks eye-catching and has an industrial shade. Just look at the ceiling which is made of truly metal. The placement of dark furniture like sofa and wide wooden table give a great industrial ambiance. A flush look can be seen from the furniture arrangement. While for the fresher of the room, it placed a bonsai plant near the window.

If you look closer to this living room, you can find that an industrial shade for this space is on the ceiling and unfinished wall. A nice looking living room with beautiful cushions and some lovely pillows create the space into a comfier. Stripes rug and rounded glass coffee table seem appropriate to the whole living room decoration stuff. The placement of the furniture directly below the vent and decorative painting on the wall make a more lovely industrial atmosphere in this room.

A high ceiling always becomes the characteristic of industrial living room. It can create a spacious level in the space. Meanwhile, this living room maybe has all of the industrial aspects that we talk about. The uses of brick walls and rough floor have an important part of the industrial impression. The center point of this living room is the furniture over the stripes rug. They look comfy and fun to be occupied.

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Maybe this living room in New York is my favorite because of its decorations. A fancy living room decor with a combination of low chair and square coffee table looks beautiful and suitable to the gray sofa. High ceiling comes with lovely fan and also the shelves on the brick wall make a picturesque impression.