Pros and Cons of Several Materials for the Kitchen Countertop

There is a lot of furniture in the kitchen, including the countertop. For the kitchen countertop, there are various types of material that you can choose. Each material has its advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons). Here are the pros and cons of several materials for the countertop:


Pros: Its look is very stunning. The glass material can also be adjusted to the countertop shape and is heat-resistant. Its maintenance is also easy.

Cons: Expensive, will cause marks if scratched with sharp objects, if there is damage, the repair is quite difficult and will cost quite a lot.


Copper, stainless steel and zinc

Pros: The advantages of these materials are heat-tolerant and easily cleaned. Additionally, the others advantages are they are durable so that your countertop will last for a long time. The stainless steel material will remain glossy, while zinc and copper are anti-bacteria.

Cons: The disadvantages of these materials are they can be easily scratched, easily dented, and when you do activities such as cutting foods, they can cause noise. Besides that, zinc and copper are less tolerant of heat so they can make the skin feel ‘burned’. Zinc and copper can also react to something acidic like lemon juice.


Pros: This material is also favored by many people because it will create a natural and warm impression. In addition, another reason of why this material is favored is because it has various choices of design. The other advantages are wood is very flexible because it can be adjusted to various designs and wood is a bad conductor of heat.

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Cons: If you use wood as the material for your countertop, the disadvantages are wood requires proper sealing and there can be damage caused by water. If the wood doesn’t get a proper finishing, there will be scratches on its surface.


Concrete and stone

Pros: Just like wood, concrete and stone material are heat-resistant and durable. The design is also diverse.

Cons: One disadvantage of these materials is having pores so that you must perform polishing. Besides that, the motif is limited to only natural stone motifs and these materials are quite heavy so that the holder must be sturdy.

4 types of countertop material have been reviewed. You should plan carefully before choosing the material for your countertop so that the result is as you expected.