Radiating the Beauty of Japan in Your Lovely Bathroom

Despite the high technology, Japan is always known as a country that still maintains the naturalness in every aspect. Japanese people do love to use wooden materials as their fixtures including in their bathroom. If you have an opportunity to come to Japan, you can see it by yourself that most of their home, not only exterior but also interior, use wood. Some of them also use clay pots as their ornaments. Like Western people, they also love soaking in the bathtub. So, that’s why they are also popular with their hot spring which is in Japan language it is called “onsen”.

If you have an obsession with Japan things, such as their style and lifestyle, you can also create a Japanese-style idea for your bathroom, so you can experience the atmosphere as if you live in Japan. Japanese people are known for their simplicity and their thrifty character. Therefore, you don’t need to provide a big bathtub in your bathroom. You only need to place a small sunken tub which is planted on the floor. If you wish to enjoy a relaxation effect, you can pick whirlpool bathtub model. This type of the bathtub has some holes that give you high-pressure water which produces a lot of bubbles. You can also install a headrest on the bathtub’s edge, so while you are soaking in the bathtub, you can lean your head with a relaxing feeling.

Furthermore, you need to use wooden materials as your hard flooring to emphasize the natural side of your bathroom. Usually, Japanese use bamboo which has more resistances to water. Insects also can’t attack this material easily. That’s why you don’t have to be afraid to use bamboo as hard flooring. However, you must treat it carefully when you want to clean bamboo hard flooring. You need to prevent to use wet mops as much as possible. Instead, you should use a special mop for cleaning any dirt. If there is some dirt which is hard to remove, you can use bristled broom. When it is really necessary to use wet mops, you have to make sure that you squeeze the mop properly and find a cleaning detergent which is safe for your bamboo floor.

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