Several Ideas of Gorgeous Kitchen Design

If you want to make your kitchen look attractive, there are several things you need to consider. One of these things is the design. The design will affect the overall look of your kitchen. The right design will enhance your kitchen’s look while choosing a wrong design will make your kitchen less attractive. Here are several ideas of gorgeous kitchen design that you can apply.

Multifunctional table

Put a table that can serve as a prep space as well as a dining area. This kind of table is usually in the form of a butcher block. A butcher block has a versatile surface that can be utilized for various purposes. Add some bar stools around this table and you will get a cozy dining area.

Matching rugs

Adding lovely carpets that are easy on the feet around island counter is also a great idea to enhance the look of your kitchen. The carpets can be made of various types of materials; the selection depends on your taste. One of the carpet materials that you can choose is jute. This kind of carpet will provide a warm impression.

Calm neutral

Instead of stock cabinetry, you can use custom cabinetry for easy access. You can use two tones colored custom cabinets and match them with the color of the walls and floors. For example, you can use white for the upper cabinets and walls and gray for the bottom cabinets and floors.

Bar stools

You can also add some bar stools in your island counter to create a comfy bar area. This bar area can be used to gather with your family while enjoying snacks. You can also entertain your guests in this bar area.

Attractive color

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White cabinetry does look clean and sleek, but to make it look more attractive, you can use a bright color for the backsplash, for example, pale green. To add more colors in your kitchen, you can also store your collection of cookbooks in the bookshelves that are built into the island counter.

Tiered shelving

Another idea that you can apply is installing tiered open shelving in an unused space of your kitchen wall. The advantages of this kind of shelving are they don’t take up too much space and they offer extra storage for your collection of glassware.