Several Options of Kitchen Sink Materials

One of the most important elements in the kitchen is the sink. In a kitchen, a sink serves to provide water, a place for washing dishes, rinsing food, and so on. Besides adding functionality to the kitchen, the design of the sink can also enhance the kitchen’s look. However, not only the kitchen sink design that is important, its material should also be considered. There are a plenty choices of kitchen sink material to choose from. Each kitchen sink material has its benefits and drawbacks and usually comes in various options of colors and finishes. To help you find the most suitable material for your kitchen sink, here are a few kitchen sink materials you can use.

Stainless steel

The first kitchen sink material is stainless steel. The stainless steel sink has timeless look, that’s why it’s popular among homeowners. Besides requiring little maintenance, it is also one of the affordable sink options. Moreover, the stainless steel sink is available in various finishes that can match your kitchen’s look such as mirror and brushed.


If you want a kitchen sink material that offers ease and affordability, acrylic is the best option. Compared to other materials, acrylic is lighter so it’s easier to be installed. But, there is one major drawback of the acrylic sink; it is not durable. So, to maintain its look, it should be sanded out if there are scratches.

Cast iron

Another great option of kitchen sink material which is affordable and durable is cast iron. Showing fewer water marks than other sinks and easy to be maintained are the benefits of cast iron sinks. As for the drawbacks, cast iron sinks can chip over time and are heavier compared to other sinks.

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If you consider durability as the main key of a sink material, fireclay will suit you best. This material is widely used for farmhouse sinks to complement the vintage look in the kitchen. In addition to wear-resistant, fireclay sinks are also easy to maintain. However, it is the most expensive sink material.

As mentioned above, there are always benefits and drawbacks of each kitchen sink material. So, choose the one that fit in your kitchen well. Good luck!