Simple Tricks to Add Value of Dining Room

Dining room not only a place to eat, this is a place where you can do anything such as serve the meal, chit chat with the family or friends, and working. Décor the dining room and turn this room into an interesting area with add some bright color is necessary. Here are some tricks from the pro artistic Shanan Campanaro about how to make the dining room look much better.

Campanaro starts from the dining room that looks empty and boring. There are only a table and three chairs inside this dining room and a white and gray bookshelf as accessories. The wall surrounding is colored in white and so the door. While this dining room flooring with natural wood furnishing that looks little bit shine. And for the first step he installs a big rug underneath the dining table.

Now, you need to imagine what you can do to color this monotone dining room. If you decide to paint the wall, instead Campanaro decide to do the simpler thing. He put variety book to fill the bookshelves. Campanaro divides the book by the color. This beside can make the bookshelves look neat and also gives a color touch to the dining look. Set the book like this make the book being part of design.

Next step is adding some artwork with a variety of color. You do not need to buy an expensive painting, follow the tricks from Campanaro can add the value for your dining room. And also you can pick one picture from the social media like Instagram or Pinterest and print it out then give it a frame. You can hang it on the wall as decoration. Maybe you can pick your own photo and make the dining room like a memorable area; this can create a warm ambiance in the dining room.

Don’t forget about lighting. This is an important thing when you talk about the dining area. However, the proper lighting gives you a great illumination. You can choose chandelier or pendant lamp to add the elegant touch to the dining room.

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Add something unpredictable, for the example, you can add ghost chair between the wooden furniture. The ghost chair can add the luxurious and make the wood furniture look contrast and improve the dining appealing. There are many chair design, you can pick some of the design at your dining room with different texture.