Some Options to Create an Appealing Centerpiece without Fireplace

When you want to choose the best interior design for the living room, sometimes determining the focal point can be frightening. Especially to those of you who do not have a fireplace in your room. Yap! The placement of fireplace is really important and often be the main thing in most living room architectures.

Well, if you do not have it in your precious living space, here we can overcome the problem. By doing these tips, I hope you can level up the living room design into a more nifty and attractive without having a fireplace as the focus point.

Squeeze entertaining stuff

A television set can be the best choice to embrace the lovely shade in the living room. Just simply decorate your room by put the cupboard which comes in large screen television. You may also take the advantages of the TV cabinet as the place where you can put any decorative items such as vases, books or any ornaments.

Artwork graciousness

There is no doubt about artwork adjustment always be an enticing view for everybody. Several pictures, photographs or paintings that are placed on the wall can also be a focus point in the center. Consider to put any sculptures or attractive artworks at the center of the room. Therefore, visitors will focus their sight on artwork arrangement in your living room.

Huge image on the wall

If you like to simple yet attractive, the placement of one huge picture on the wall will be appropriate to the living room decoration as the center attention. This job is really efficient to create a little drama in the space. However, make sure you put an eye-catching image to make an appealing attention.

Additional furniture

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If you do not want to place the television cabinet at the front, other furniture can be taken as the additional item. Go looking for a great sofa or wardrobe and position it the most appropriate place in the room. It is suggested to put the sofa and other seats on each side of the wardrobe, and then the arrangements will look balance.

Another option is by inventing a fake fireplace. Build some interesting stuff by putting big candles in the center of the room and frame it with any timber suitable on your creativity.