Something About Sofa You Have To Know Part 1

Sofa is primary furniture that always comes in all houses especially living room. There is something about sofa you may need to know. It is really being liked due to its comfort for sitting down compared to the general chairs.

Moreover, sofa often is used as the part of interior decoration so it can create a certain thematic and harmony in a living room. This furniture is made from many kinds of materials. Anyhow, the most being sought are sofa that made from authentic leather and synthetic leather. Both of them surely have their strength and weakness. Regarding this, they have each marketplace.

Due to sofa is a furniture that very close with our daily activity, there is nothing wrong to understand something more about sofa. We can start from the history of it and several models that have been created. By knowing something about sofa, we could get many of references of proper sofa styles which are suitable for our living room. Now, on this part of article, we are about to discuss about sofa’s history.

History of sofa

If we talk about something’s history, it will be suitable to go throughout the term itself. The term “sofa” comes from Arabian which means “part of the floor that elevated and reserved for royalty or honored guests”. This elevated part decorated with rugs and cushions. Since then, sofa concept started to be known. Nevertheless, something about sofa’s shape we knew was just known from 16th century.

At that time, the horse leather, horse hair and straw were used as the materials inside the sofa. After spring discovered in 1828, spring sofa started to be developed. It successfully made in 1904. That was the early stage of the other sofa materials which are more comfortable to sit on it. Sofa foam that we know today was introduced in 1920s. This could enable the production of sofa into easier. Therefore, until now, many sofa models have been developing. That is something about sofa history you need to know. On the next part, we will give you several models of them, so keep following us.

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