Something about Sofa You Have To Know Part 2

There will be incomplete when discussing something about sofa but we do not give you different models of them.

Various models of sofa

  1. Traditional sofa

Te characteristic of traditional sofa is that it has bright or vibrant colored sheathing which is strong and the frames are made from wood and hard cushions. This type of sofa might be appropriate for a formal living room.

A few of traditional sofa models, three of them are cabriole sofa, Lawson and chesterfield. Cariole has typical character with the complicated frame sofa and made from one piece of wood. Next model will be Lawson which has lower sofa grip than the back while chesterfield has tufted backrest and narrower seat compared to the other couch types.

  1. Modern and contemporary

There is something about sofa we often know that today, people are using modern and contemporary models. There sofas tend to be used when we want to get comfort than the design. Hence, its margin must be soft. Modern sofa is suitable to be placed in a casual living room.

It is not like traditional sofa which uses wood. Modern sofa does not even use wood. Besides, the grip is made parallel with the sofa seat. Tuxedo is one of a modern sofa models.

  1. Country sofa

It has worn look appearance yet still interesting and very thick with a rustic feel. This sofa model tends to have a casual design; therefore, it fits with a relaxing place and not too formal.

Country sofa usually covered by cotton or washable cloth. You do not need to worry if sometimes your kids make a mess due to this sofa can be easily washed.

  1. Other sofa model
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Aside from those three models, you have to know something about sofa types which has many types according to its development. They are designed to have more specific purposes. Some of them are sectional sofa, sofa bed, sleeper, love seat, futon, and chaise lounge.

Hence, after you know something about sofa, what you need to do now is determine which one will be perfect for your living room. Consider about your house style, size and of course, budget. Have a great act!