Standard Size of an Ideal Kitchen

Maybe you often feel uncomfortable working in the kitchen working table, or find it difficult to reach items that are stored in the cabinet or hanging shelves. This might be because your kitchen is designed without considering the ideal sizes. The ideal size of the kitchen may seem trivial, but it is actually important to be considered. Incorrect size makes the work in the kitchen uncomfortable. To be more comfortable, the size of the cabinet, working table, and kitchen set must be adjusted to the height, even the elbow’s size, of the people who often do activity in the kitchen. Several books about the kitchen describe the standard size of the kitchen furniture, which you often overlook. Those standard sizes such as:

  • Try measuring the working table in the kitchen. How tall is it? According to Gilly Love in her book ‘Making the Most of Kitchens’, the ideal height of this table is level with the waist. In fact, it could be even lower, if it used for heavier works such as cooking. A low table will allow the arms to work more easily when stirring or flipping foods in a frying pan or saucepan.
  • The width of the working table surface should also be considered. The reach range of the human hands, especially women, to the front is 85 cm, while sideways is about 42-62 cm.
  • The storage cabinet is also often made without considering the appropriate size. In the ‘Kitchens that Work’ written by Martin Edic and Richard Edic, the height of a cabinet that can still be reached by hands is 2m. The height of every shelf inside the cabinet also needs to be considered, the ideal size is around 65-180 cm.
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  • The corridor or distance between a work area to another needs to be considered as well. Too narrow will make the kitchen feel cramped and uncomfortable. In the ‘Kitchens that Work’ stated that the optimum distance that should be applied is 94 cm.
  • The next one is the dishwashing area (sink area). The height of the sink should be around 70-80 cm from the floor. So, the users don’t have to bend over to reach the sink base.

Those are the standard or ideal sizes for some of the kitchen furniture. Applying an ideal size for kitchen furniture will make you feel comfortable in doing the cooking activity.