Stylish Living Room Designs with Live Fringe Tables Part 1

One of the furniture which can be the focus point of the living room is a coffee table. It is usually placed in the midst seating area where it becomes a furniture to put certain items, even to present the drinks and food.

You can provide another choice of coffee table with live-fringe tables. Usually, this type of table exists in the rustic and classic living room themes. However, now you can put it in the living room in a modern style. Enjoy these examples of elegant living rooms using live-fringe tables here.

This rustic living room combines the beach nuance which can be seen from the sofa. the use of many wooden and stone elements on the ceiling, walls, floor and fireplace are really thick include a picturesque live-fringe table in the middle. It decorated with several items and look lovely here. This living room separated to the dining toom by glass wall and has open space ambiance.

Mixing a masquline living room with the live fringe coffee table become the great idea in this house.  The live edge slab turned into a gorgeous coffee table and combined well with the red patterned pillows on the couch. A comfortable seat as the rocking chair give a more pleasant feel for the visitor. Red colors cominated the living room also gives bold impression.

A soft living room decoration with white colors on the walls, ceiling and sofa combined perfectly by the tree trunk that sliced and be turned into beautiful coffee table. It come with a wicker basket and unique pot are placed in a corner of the living room.

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Gray nuance in this living room is balanced with the round live fringe table in the middle. Curtains, chairs and rug have gray colors with fantastic look. The use of dark sofa with patterned cushions and yellow blanket give a nifty and cozy atmosphere. It also decorated by animal photograph and dramatic table lamps.

This living room has a modern contemporary style with high ceiling and curved wall which has luxurious glass window panels. Although it comes with the feel of a very pretentious, it still uses the minimalist furnishing arrangement. It has rounded white sofas surrounded by wooden table behind them, while for the coffee table, it looks simple with live fringe table occupied by a beautiful green plant.