Things to Consider In Remodeling Your Kitchen Sink

If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen, you should also consider doing a kitchen sink remodeling. Not only adding functionality to the kitchen, a sink with an interesting design and material will enhance the look of the kitchen. Before installing a new sink, make sure you’ve decided what style and material you’re going to use. After that, you can consider other elements such as the basin, faucet, as well as its installation. So, to help you get a functional and lovely new kitchen sink, here are a few ideas of kitchen sink remodeling you can apply.

Sink basins

When doing kitchen sink remodeling, considering how the basin will affect the function of your kitchen is very important. A kitchen sink usually has one, two, or three basins. Keep in mind that having more basins doesn’t mean you have more room for washing. A versatile single basin is more than enough for you. You can either choose a small, compact drop-in sink or a large farmhouse-style sink which can accommodate large pots and pans. The double basin sink that has many choices of depth is the most commonly used in many kitchens. As for triple basin sinks, it is rarely used residentially. The middle basin of this style is typically narrower than the other two, which is typically used for a quick rinse.


To complete the function and look of your sink, a faucet should definitely be installed. If a sink-mounted faucet is your choice, make sure there is enough amount of mounting holes in your new sink to install the hardware. If you want to save your countertop space, you better install a wall-mounted faucet which will provide a new and interesting look in your kitchen. Before the faucet installation, make sure there is proper plumbing.

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The last step of kitchen sink remodeling is the installation. A drop-in sink is indeed easy to install yourself, but if you choose a farmhouse or under-mount sink, you should hire a pro because the heavy weight of these types of sink can damage the plumbing, cabinetry, and countertops if not installed properly. Don’t forget to prepare enough budgets before hiring a pro to help.

Good luck on doing your kitchen sink remodeling!