Tips for a Small Kitchen to Make It More Comfortable and Spacious

Nowadays, there are many people who prefer a small kitchen than a large kitchen. The reason is, although space is limited, a small kitchen can still function optimally as long as it is designed and decorated properly. In addition, a small kitchen is simpler and easier to clean. If you have a small kitchen, here are several tips to make it more comfortable and look more spacious.

Use a smaller and neater kitchen set

You can purchase the kitchen set from the manufacturers or make it yourself according to your wish. Make sure the kitchen set that you purchase doesn’t take up much space so that there is enough space to put other equipment. For example, you can purchase a kitchen set that can be used to put a refrigerator and microwave.

Use the middle space of the kitchen

You can create a kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen by placing a floor cabinet. This cabinet can be used for storing your kitchen equipment and also for cooking preparation.

 Create an effect of much space with lighting

You can create an empty space illusion under the cabinets by using the right lighting. With the right lighting effect, your kitchen will look more spacious and feel pleasant to use.

 Use diagonal floor

The use of the diagonal floor will create an illusion of a more spacious room. One of the examples of the diagonal floor is the wooden floor.

 Install shelves in the kitchen wall

If you don’t have enough budgets to purchase a kitchen set, then you can install some shelves on your kitchen wall. These shelves can be used for various purposes and can make the kitchen look more beautiful as long as the shelves are neatly organized.

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 Optimal lighting

The lighting in the kitchen should be optimal. Besides the artificial lighting, make sure the natural light can enter the room by installing some ventilations or windows. Natural light can make the kitchen looks brighter and avoid the humid condition.

So, are you interested in applying the tips above in your small kitchen? Applying those tips will definitely make your kitchen more attractive. Happy trying!