Tips to Design Minimalist Dining Room

Currently, modern house has small space; usually, it is less than 100 square meter. To handle this problem all you need to do is create a proper design that can fit in the small dining room. You can see at “The Mansion Apartment” which is located in Kemang, Jakarta, Indonesia. Interior designer, Diana Nazir make a masterpiece sophisticate the customer with make a design that can fit into a small dining room.

In the limited space, you need to be creative; the common spaces of functions can be combined into one. Following the arrangement of kitchen, dining room, and living room that you can distinguish based on the furniture.

Kitchen, dining room, and living room are the room that made for lounging and gathering together with family and close friends. You should create an airy room that needs plenty window. Since the room are combined into one you need to create a specific to make each room look different.

In this variation, the bar table that doubles as a breakfast table enhanced with tools designed a simple and unique so as not need more space. Transform bar table that is placed on the opening of the field wall like this seems to resemble the window. As a result, breakfast table can be utilized from the kitchen or family room.

To distinguish between different function rooms, the living room is used to some material and color effect relaxes. For the example, use a soft texture that has no motif and pattern.

In order create a useful dining room, and then you should create the bookcase in the custom display area as the objects of the collection. A mirror attached to the rack is deliberately presented as background to give a good reflection effect.

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Combining two or more room you need to be creative by playing with the lighting and color. Create a difference between room and another with a different hue of lighting fixtures. While the living room needs soft lighting, instead the dining room must be bright enough to help the owner easy the surrounding clearly. Install mounted lighting to save space with the right design and size of lighting.