Tips to Manage the Kitchen Lighting

As a busy room, the lighting in the kitchen has to be managed effectively. It is intended that the interior looks bright with sufficient energy needs, as well as look beautiful. Besides maximizing the natural light from the sun, you can manage the layout of the main lighting, accent lighting, and additional lighting in the kitchen so that it can function better. Here is the complete guidance:

Main lighting

The main lighting serves to illuminate the kitchen, making it easier for you to move in the room safely. One example of light that is often used as the main lighting is cloud light. Cloud light is made of halogen light covered with protective neon. Besides mounted on the kitchen ceiling, this cloud light is also often applied in the countertop. Its strong light level will greatly help to illuminate items on the surface or around the countertop.

Accent lighting

As the name suggests, accent lighting is useful to beautify the appearance of an architectural feature in the kitchen. Just like the main lighting, the type of light used for accents is halogen light, though some are more interested in the chandelier. In the installation, you should choose strategic corners or corners that deserve to be accentuated its existence. For example in the countertop area, you can utilize a row of accent light to emphasize the presence of this countertop and make it looks dramatic. This accent light can also be used to beautify the stove area as well as help you to prepare dishes. Low accent light installation will emit light at specific points, whereas when it is hung in a high position, will create a spacious impression in the room.

Additional lighting

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Just like its name, this additional lighting is an optional only and is intended to enhance the look of the kitchen. The light that is usually used is a spotlight and it’s applied in certain corners such as in the wall, where the installation of this light can enhance the beauty of the surrounding walls. You can also try installing a halogen light directed to the cabinet doors. It will cause a unique shadow effect in the cabinet. The use of fluorine lights can be an option too. The light emitted by this light will be very beautiful.