Tripod Lamp Ideas to Give Additional Light and Glamorous Look

Lighting in the living room has a major role in determining the comfort of the house. There are many living room lighting designs nowadays. You can provide the table lamps, ceiling lights, or stand floor lamps. An interior lighting that becomes the development of stand lamp is a tripod lamp. With three leg stands can make your room more like a studio. The following we present some living room using tripod lamps as gorgeous additional lighting.

This living room located in Boston. It has a contemporary design which using a deluxe tripod lamp near the wall. This tripod lamp has a great size and beautiful design. A high ceiling makes the living area looks glamorous expensive. The in wall fireplace with the large picture above it give a certain drama in the living room. Additional white table lamp near the large glass door also has its personal ambiance.

A cozy living room shade directly appears when I see this picture. The Sydney contemporary living room with two large tripod lamps on the left and right seems beautiful here. This living room arrangement surely uses those tripod lamps and the console table as the focus point. With the placement of furry sofa and blue separated rugs in the middle blends with two arm chairs make a contemporary ambiance in this living room. Some flowers and plants create a fresh impression for gathering time.

A dramatic impression in this contemporary living room looks great with the placement of two tripod lamps side by side with the dark sofa. With some plates as the wall display above the couch make a minimalist design appears perfect. This can be a small living room yet has an elegant look, right?

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What is in your mind when you look at this living room picture? Marvelous! Yeah, maybe that is the proper word to describe this Denver contemporary living room inspiration. It uses a beige sofa and comes with two side chairs in flower patterns. The most interesting part is the lightings. It has a stand floor lamp placed between the chairs and also tripod lamps next to the fireplace mantel. For the ceiling, it used a unique chandelier that can help householder illuminate the whole living room along with the floor lamps. With the checkered curtain also give a masculine ambiance in this room. A wooden coffee table decorated well with a vase and several books here.