Unique Ways in Designing Cups Racks in Kitchen

A rack in the kitchen filled with cutlery is certainly a matter of course. However, besides piling up and storing cutlery in a rack, displaying them can be a nice option. Moreover, in that way, the kitchen will look more attractive. Just like some ideas to store cups below. The cups are placed in storage, but with a different design and placement. If previously the cups are in the racks or cabinets, now with a new design, the cups can be stored as well as be displayed on the wall. An interesting idea, isn’t it? The wall won’t look empty; the whole kitchen’s look will be more vibrant, and the cups can be safely stored. So, here are some ideas to store cups in the kitchen.

Square storage in the wall

Rather than putting cups together in one place, why not designing a space for a cup? You can use a square storage for cups to accentuate the look of each cup and provide a view of a row of neatly arranged cups. The look will be more beautiful if this square storage is mounted on the kitchen wall. The cup can be displayed beautifully.

 Hanging the cups

Hanging the cups on a hook obviously doesn’t sound strange anymore. However, what if the hooks are installed on the pegboard? This perforated board that can be fitted with hooks can be a medium to store any stuff, including the cups. The cups can be hung neatly and will look so beautiful.

 Triangular rack

Creativity is unlimited. If the rack can be designed in many shapes, why not try a new look? The triangular-shaped rack can definitely attract the attention of people who see it. Imagine if the cups lined up in it, a collection of cups in beautiful triangular racks will adorn your kitchen.

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 Used drawer for storage

Various used drawers that have been separated from each other can still be utilized. Install them on the wall and you will create a storage space. With its look and placement on the wall, people will think that the drawers are used to display stuff rather than a place to store. By doing so, your kitchen will definitely look more attractive and beautiful.

Good luck!