Utilizing Hanging Storage to Beautify Kitchen

The kitchen is one area that is important. Now, it’s not a new thing anymore if a kitchen is an integral part of the home interior. However, the kitchen is still an area with a function that allows it to be dirty and messy. Therefore, the role of storage is essential to put and store various items so that the kitchen can still look attractive.

Storage now comes with more diverse way. The meaning of diverse is utilizing a lot of areas that previously were rarely used. If formerly there are cabinets that filled the kitchen wall, now, the look of hanging storage can be more vary. Besides cabinets, hanging storage can also be presented through hanging racks, open shelves, or wall and ceiling pot racks.

In the application, hanging storage can be designed with or without cover (open storage); it depends on the owner’s taste. However, as a suggestion, open storage is suitable to be used for items that have attractive colors and shapes so that it can improve the artistic value of the kitchen interior. While for the placement, it can be hung on the ceiling in the middle of the kitchen island. For the close storage, it should be used to store items or kitchen utensils with no or less aesthetic value. And of course, the cover of close hanging storage needs to be decorated in such a way to enhance the aesthetic of the kitchen interior.

The idea of hanging storage can be applied when planning the design of the kitchen or to provide a fresh and new impression to the existing kitchen. It’s just that the aesthetic and functional of the hanging storage used in the kitchen need to be considered. Don’t let the idea of adding hanging storage make the kitchen look crowded and seem full of kitchen utensils.

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No need to fill every space of the kitchen wall with hanging racks or wall racks. Do it moderately by displaying kitchen items or kitchen utensils that have attractive colors and shapes. In this way, the addition of hanging storage will make the kitchen look more beautiful.