White Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Do you want to brighten up your bedroom? Well setting it over with a fresh color pallet might be a good idea. Then you can do dramatic changes to your old bedroom. You can start by collecting images from, shelter magazines, your favorite blog, or just surf the internet and collect any ideas you can found for your bedroom. you might like this bedroom design that  painted in a lot of white, small pops of black color, coral, and the mix of both modern and vintage furniture and accessories. Check it out.

You can start the transformation slowly by collecting the accessories, art, and window treatment that suit your taste. Make sure that evening you plan to insert inside the bedroom is blending well each other. This bedroom owner tries to fix the ill-placed window by hanging up the curtain rod off the center. This was she give the illusion that makes the window bigger than actual is and it also gives out symmetrically place. The curtain also provides the privacy that needs by the resident of this room while it’s also reduces lighting that comes from outside. Selecting white color is the best option to reflecting color. This way you will create the clear and clean look to its surrounding. It will cover up your room lack of light so your bedroom won’t looks too dark.

Do not afraid when it come into bedroom decorating, just explore yourself. It’s your personal bedroom after all. These bedroom owners try to go bold by paint up her closet door in black. This black color blends well with the overall design and makes the room look elegance. Also after she paints black chalkboard paint, to enhance the design she gives a crisp white border. You can do the same thing to your closet or just make this one as your designing material.

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And to finish up the decoration project, don’t forget to add some personal touch to your bedroom. Collect up your beloved portrait or any artwork and hung them up the wall. You can arrange them into a small gallery to create a focal point. Don ever let your wall bare or plain if you can enhance it.